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European Baptist Mission -  a brief history

Since 1954, the European Baptist Mission has been committed to redressing the misery of the world; today, 16 European, seven African and five Latin American Baptist Unions are involved in its mission. In 1979, MASA (Missionary Activities in South America), whose focus is on Latin America, became part of the organisation. Since 2009, “Hans-Herter-Indienhilfe” has also been integrated into EBM work, so that in India, too, we now have projects supported, monitored and supervised by EBM. The aim of our common mission is to help people in their spiritual and material needs. This is done in close coordination with our partner unions overseas. We work in seven countries in Africa, in five countries in Latin America and in India.

Structure of the European Baptist Mission

We have structured our common work as follows:

At our annual Mission Councils, we share responsibility in all important decisions regarding personnel, strategy, finances et al., with our partners in Africa and Latin  America being equally entitled to sit and vote. The Executive Committee monitors the ongoing work and starts the implementation of the Mission Council’s decisions. The Mission Office in Elstal near Berlin is to be addressed in all issues concerning cooperation and further development of our mission work; here also, our finances are administered carefully.

The missionaries in Africa and Latin America are engaged in the practical ministry on site, launching and developing projects and cooperating with our partner unions overseas in a relationship of mutual trust. The overall budget of our mission is funded mainly by donations; the donors’ wishes regarding the use of their gifts are respected without fail. Depending on these wishes, the gifts are used for charitable, social, church-related and evangelistic projects.

For detailed information, please access the official website of EBM-International: